Our experience

More than 25 years of experience in manufacturing classic urban lightening. Following classic and elegant style, we work with lastest advances in cast materials. We apply our wide experience into every project.

Integral Service

In Mobiur Industrial we control every manufacture step. From product design and creation to distribution and sales. Covering each aspect of production chain we guarantee our highest product quality.


Our main objective is to develop high quality products that provide the most advanced, most durable and most adaptable solutions. Providing a custom solution for each environment necessity without losing the classics and elegant style of our products.


Since several years we work in a wide range of national and international projects.

Classic Style

We are specialized in classic style luminaires. We respect the original architecture and design as well as implement to our products the latests technology advances of the market.


We are committed to design innovations and to new combinations and development. We put at your disposal to create and customized your project.