The technology of the future that illuminates our present

The modules are suitable for lighting streets, roads and squares according to EN 13201.

The modules are designed for mounting in case (external luminaires), and allow a simple and modular structure of the lights, through two optics: symmetrical (columns) and asymmetrical (arm to wall).

Distribución asimétrica de la Luz LED

Distribución simétrica de la Luz LED


The modules are available in 16 LED formats, two color temperatures (3000k warm white and 4000k neutral white), and two powers (35w and 55w). With voltage protection and 5 year warranty.

Palacio Lantern

Reduced Villa Lantern

Románico Lantern

Typical brightness and efficiency
Color Temperature (K)35W – 700 mA55W – 1.050 mAIRC
30004.105 lm5.795 lm+= 70
40004.380 lm6.180 lm+= 70



Good for the environment

  • An LED module avoids the emission of 10 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere, so it helps to reduce global warming
  • The light is unidirectional so it reduces light pollution by illuminating efficiently.

Economic benefits for all

  • LEDs have a life 50 times longer than fluorescent lights.
  • Its duration is 50,000 hours.
  • It is perfect for illuminating remote areas of difficult access.
  • Its technology allows a saving of 50% of energy compared to traditional fluorescents.

Innovative Features

  • The light emitted is cold: emits 80% less heat than a fluorescent light bulb.
  • The light comes on immediately, without blinking